New 2023 Farm Show Replicas and More Updates!

Posted by Bill Walters on Aug 10th 2023

Greetings from Dyersville!

It’s definitely feels like summer here in Dyersville! We’ve had some hot and dry weeks coming into July. Thankfully we’re getting enough rain to keep the crops moving forward. With all the heat and dry weather, I’ve been watering my apple tree. It actually has some apples this year, so I’m doing my best to see if I can get a decent crop this year!

New 2023 Farm Show Units

It was a pleasure talking to some of you at the Summer Farm Toy Show where we were able to show you many of our new offerings this year. This year we’re happy to announce both the Case IH and John Deere units!

Case IH

For the Case IH units we are staying with the Farmall 100th anniversary theme by introducing newly tooled tractors in both 1:32 and 1:64 scale. In 1:32 scale we’ve tooled a vintage Farmall 1206 tractor (SKU: 44307OTP) that features rear duals, ROPS with canopy, front weights, and an air cleaner. In 1:64 scale we’ve tooled the modern Farmall 105A/115A tractors. The 115A features a cab, MFWD, and a loader. The 105A is an open station tractor with MFWD and ROPS bar. Both of these newly tooled tractors have gold chrome chase units randomly inserted into the production run and started shipping in July to your local Case IH dealers!

1:32 Farmall 1206 Tractor (SKU: 44307OTP)

John Deere

The John Deere farm show units include a 1:32 7R 350 tractor and a 1:64 8RX 410 tractor. The 1:32 7R 350 (SKU: 45846OTP) features single rear tires, MFWD with cab, and a front mounted 3-point hitch along with mirrors, marker arms, etc. The 1:648RX 410 (SKU: 45847OTP) has been revised to reflect 24” tracks on the front and 30” tracks on the rear, and also replicates the 88” tread width option for these tractors. Both of these units will have silver painted chase units randomly inserted into the production run and will be available later this summer at your local farm shows and John Deere dealerships!

1:32 John Deere 7R 350 (SKU: 45846OTP)

1:64 John Deere 8RX 410 (SKU: 45847OTP)

One of the big hits in our showroom was the new Case IH Magnum Puller Pedal tractor (SKU: 44337)! We made some tooling revisions to the hood panels so we could include some cool graphics, and added in a chrome stack. We also tooled new rear tires that over 5” wide to give it a different look. These puller tractors will start shipping in September to your local Case IH dealers.

Case IH Magnum Puller Pedal Tractor (SKU: 44337)

Switching over to Allis Chalmers we have some additional new items to discuss! First are two units being produced for the National Farm Toy Museum. In 1:16 scale we’re producing an AC One-Ninety tractor (SKU: 16467OTP). One-Ninety tractors are different from the 190XT because they didn’t have a turbocharger on the engine which changes the location of the exhaust stack. Our replica also includes rear duals and a 3-point hitch. In 1:64 we are producing a 7030 tractor with rear duals and the maroon chassis (SKU: 16468OTP). 2023 marks the 50 th anniversary of the introduction of the 7000 series tractors by Allis Chalmers! These first tractors featured black paint on the cab and the “bump” in the lower cab. We re-tooled the cab to include this feature and added an air cleaner to the hood. Both the 1:16 and 1:64 units will feature black chase units. These units are exclusive to the National Farm Toy Museum, and will be available in November 2023!

1:16 Allis-Chalmers One-Ninety Tractor (SKU: 16467OTP)

1:64 7030 Allis-Chalmers Tractor (SKU: 16468OTP)

We have some more Allis-Chalmers to talk about! The first is a 1:64 AC 8050 tractor (SKU: 16473), with MFWD and 3-point hitch. It will include 500 randomly inserted gloss black chase units into the production run. The other unit is a 1:64 7050 tractor (SKU: 16457OTP) with the early maroon chassis paint scheme, with single rear tires, 3-point hitch, and an air cleaner. This unit commemorates the 50 th anniversary of the introduction with a special graphic on the cab roof! It will include gold painted chase units in the production run. This unit will be available in November 2023 and the 8050 will be available in January 2024 at the TOMY outlet store here in Dyersville!

1:64 Allis-Chalmers 8050 Tractor (SKU: 16473)

1:64 7050 Allis-Chalmers Tractor (SKU: 16457OTP)  Author: Bill Walters

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