ERTL Survivor Replica Tractors

Posted by ERTL on Jun 14th 2023

The First Replica

In December of 2016, our New Holland contact reached out to ERTL to tell us that New Holland had purchased at auction a 1939 Ford 9N tractor that had been painted purple and marketed as the “Survivor” tractor by Charles Beaver. The purple color represents hope, all types of cancer, and people who have survived the disease.

He asked if ERTL could produce a replica of the tractor in 1:16 with the special purple paint scheme and graphics. We started work on the project and were able to start shipping this unit in the summer of 2017 (Sku: 13927). Due to high demand we did a production run in both 2017 and 2018.

A video of the early history of the “Survivor” tractor can be found here:

New Puller Tractors

In 2020, ERTL started producing the first series of 1:64puller tractors as part of our product offerings. In our previous series, we have produced several different New Holland puller tractors with various paint schemes and graphics. For 2023, we’re proud to introduce special pink and purple painted “Survivor” puller tractors. The units have the “Survivor” graphics on both side of the hood and fenders.

These units will be available in August 2023 at New Holland dealerships and other retail locations that sell ERTL toys. Find a poster with our entire puller tractor collection here!

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