Lamaze Stack, Rattle & Roll Block Set™

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6 months and up
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A perfect first stacker for baby, the Lamaze Stack, Rattle & Roll Block Set lets you encourage your little one's early development with a fun sensory toy. This custom designed baby toy will keep little one’s engaged as they discover all its clever features. Inside each textured cube is a ball that rattles. But it does more than that! As your baby stacks the cubes onto the elephant roller and then onto each other, the weight of each ball aligns them and holds them in place. No tears. Just happy discoveries! This developmental toy provides excellent support for your baby's hand eye coordination while also providing sensory stimulation and encouraging imaginative play. The Stack, Rattle & Roll Blocks make a wonderful gift for baby and their parents - give them the gift of learning and early discovery!

  • Baby’s First Stacking Toy: Perfect for classic stacking play; each cube has a ball, and the weight of each ball aligns them to the cube below to hold the stack in place as baby builds
  • Developmental Toy: Each soft block is square shaped and can be placed on any of its sides, making it easy for young babies to stack as they develop their fine motor skills
  • Crawling Play: The elephant’s wheels make this a fun push toy that encourages gross motor skill growth as they crawl and push the elephant along, both with and without the blocks along for the ride
  • Baby Rattles: Engage your baby’s interest as you show them how the balls inside each cube also make interesting sounds when you shake them
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure


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