Lamaze Stack & Nest Fruit Pals™

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12 months and up
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Lamaze brings something sweet and “nutritious” to young, growing minds with the Stack & Nest Fruit Pals developmental toy. This custom-designed baby toy has multiple ways to play. The strawberry can sit on top of the pear that then rests on top of the banana which is up on top of the apple, but little ones will love that they can all be stacked up tall in almost any order. Plus, the strawberry is also a shaker for classic baby rattle sounds, while the others all have holes to become fun rainmaking tub toys during bath time. When playtime is done, or just for extra playtime fun, the strawberry fits inside the pear, then the pear inside the banana, and then the banana in the apple for a neat package and nesting play. From fine motor skills to problem-solving to first-time music-making, this is tactile learning that really stacks up! Lamaze Stack & Nest Fruit Pals make a great first birthday gift for baby. Give the gift of learning and early discovery!

  • Nest or Stack: This sweet toy set is perfect for classic stacking play and adds value by doubling as a nesting toy (nesting makes it easy to store too!)
  • Baby Bath Toys: Holes in the pear, banana and apple make them great rainmakers for bath time fun
  • Baby Rattle: The fun sounds of the strawberry encourage shaking to engage your baby's attention and stimulate auditory development
  • Developmental Toy: Designed to encourage visual and auditory development as well as problem solving and fine motor skills
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure
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