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Roll up Screwball Scramble fans! That’s just what you’ll do in this new version of everyone’s favorite marble maze game that swaps from horizontal to vertical for a gravity-defying challenge. Starting right at the bottom, you need to make your marble climb on up the frame, tackling over a dozen different obstacles and visiting some of them twice! On the base are just three controls for you to jab, twist, and tease to inch your way up the corkscrew, hopscotch over the bridge one step at a time, and snake your way up the ladder by skipping up the rungs. Still have control of the ball? Get ready to sweep over the swinging passage, hop through hoops, roll down a chute, and then back up to the throwing cup. Catapult that pesky marble over to a pair of floating mazes, tip-toe over the saw blade bridge and catch your breath as you soar up to the top using the elevator. Don’t stop now!

This amazing board game still has steps to scale, a cloud to reach for, and a tricky, teetering top rail. Then drop down the funnel for that final Screwball magic as you ding the finish bell below! If you love Screwball Scramble I and II (sold separately), you’ll be itching to Level Up and reach for the top in this exciting new version. As you lunge and stretch up the cliff edge, timing and dexterity are tops as you mix patience with speed and cat-like reactions. Play solo to see how fast you can beat the maze or go head-to-head with family and friends. Fastest up the maze wins! Suitable for 1-4 players aged 5 and over. No batteries required.

  • Classic Game with a New Twist: All the fun of previous Screwball Scramble games, but this time it’s vertical – make your marble climb up the maze from the bottom to the top
  • Beat Gravity, Beat the Clock: Use just three controls to operate over a dozen obstacles, inch your way up, but don’t let the marble drop! You’ll have to start over as time keeps ticking by
  • Test Your Hand-Eye Coordination: Helping hone motor skills for younger players, adults will also love mastering the controls, guiding the marble patiently up the wall
  • Play Solo or Head to Head: You’ll need skill and speed to set your best time, or beat others to the top – the fastest player wins!
  • Great Family Game: Action game for 1 player or more ages 5 and up – No batteries required


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