Lamaze Soothing Heart Panda™

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9 months and up
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The Lamaze Soothing Heart Panda is a calming plush panda with a lot of heart! This soothing bedtime companion helps you encourage your little one's early sensory development with a custom designed baby toy that your little one will love to spend time with. Press the tummy to cycle through four bedtime melodies, each accompanied by a red light and a vibration synced to the rhythm of a resting heartbeat. Press it a fifth time, and you'll hear the heartbeat too that will gently lull your baby for a nap or bedtime, right in your arms! It's impossible not to fall in love with this toy panda’s friendly, embroidered face and unique patterns and textures that your baby will love to explore during playtime. This soft and lovable sensory toy makes a perfect soothing companion you can use with your baby to help them feel safe and secure as you wind down for bedtime. The Soothing Heart Panda makes an ideal baby gift for a baby shower. Parents and babies both can benefit from the gift of learning and early discovery.

  • Soothing Toy: This adorable and soft panda plush is the perfect friend to accompany your baby in your bedtime routine as they wind down and get ready for sleep after a busy day
  • Soft Sounds: This interactive toy has 4 different tranquil tunes that can be heard by pressing the panda's tummy; and as an additional soothing effect, the panda's heart softly glows
  • Baby Sensory Play: Each song this soft plush panda plays is accompanied by a vibration synced to the rhythm of a mother’s resting heartbeat, perfect for your wind down time with baby
  • Quiet Heartbeat: If you press the toy panda’s tummy a fifth time, your baby can feel the vibration and soothing sound of a heartbeat, the perfect white noise to a baby’s ear
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! Lamaze educational toys and baby products make the perfect baby gifts, and there’s no better way to share your love, bond, and help them feel secure than through play
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