Lamaze Fidget Caterpillar™

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The Lamaze Fidget Caterpillar will fill their fingers with wonder! Little ones will love twisting the bendable core of this sensory toy this way and that. Bend, twist, or turn, their new caterpillar friend will hold the pose. For visual stimulation, the belly features a black-and-white high-contrast pattern for younger babies while older babies will love his back featuring brightly colored, textured fabrics that are fun to both look at and touch. There’s even a gentle chime in the head that will delight little ears as they shake it. This caterpillar toy is the perfect first friend for fidget toy fun!
  • First Fidget Toy: Caterpillar features a bendable body that little ones will love to bend, twist and turn, and then be delighted that the toy holds the position until they move it again!
  • Developmental Toy: Encourages both tactile and fine motor skill development with engaging textures to explore and fun bendable action
  • Visual Development: Contrasting patterns and bright colors stimulate baby's attention and aid with visual development through different stages
  • Teaching Toy: Show baby how giving the caterpillar a little shake activates a gentle chiming noise for fun cause and effect learning
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure than through playtime together