CHOW™ Silicone Divided Plate Set

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6 months and up
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Picky Eater? Toddler a tossing pro? Boon’s got your back. This set of three CHOW Silicone plates brings unbreakable to the table. Each plate is made with 100% food grade silicone and won’t crack or break when your toddler tires of eating and decides to take up frisbee during mealtimes. And with three separate sections for food, there’s no danger of those foods touching. (Yuck! What toddler wants that?) CHOW plates are microwave safe for easy prep, and dishwasher safe for simple cleanup after a messy meal. So go ahead, just toss CHOW in the dishwasher and take the kid outside for a real game of frisbee.

  • Toddler Proof: We know you’re not going to throw these plates to the floor, but if (when) your toddler does they’ll stay in one piece, never cracking or breaking
  • Picky Approved: 3 separate sections help keep the avocado from taking a dip in the yogurt; picky eaters will rejoice!
  • Easy Prep: Unlike other toddler plates, CHOW can be safely used in the microwave for an easier way to get food ready
  • Easy Clean: CHOW isn’t magic, your toddler may still be a messy eater, but the dishwasher safe design makes these plates simple to clean after messy meals
  • Safety of Silicone: These plates are 100% food safe silicone; made without BPA
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