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Welcome to the world of YumiAmi!

Climb up into the clubhouse to discover a world of possibilities and celebrate what makes each of us unique and special!

Meet Willow!

Willow loves exploring nature, spending so much time outside that she has made friends with a butterfly pal who tags along on her adventures. Willow learned about meditation from her sister and knows that taking deep breaths helps her to calm down if she is upset. She's seen as the "chill" one amongst her friends and is always there with a hug when it's needed.

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Meet Kiarra!

Kiarra loves school and you’ll often find her in the library. She enjoys reading about all sorts of topics, but her favorite is science. Very resourceful, Kiarra often recalls something she has learned in a book, and shares that knowledge with her friends to help tackle any challenge.

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Meet Rosa!

Rosa loves art and uses many different types of materials to create, but painting is her favorite! When friends face a challenge, Rosa boldly grabs her paint brush to help “paint a solution”, after all seeing a problem for what it really is always helps. Rosa also loves creating tasty treats in the kitchen, and enjoys sharing what she makes with her friends.

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Meet Melody!

Melody loves music so much she often doesn’t realize she is humming. Music soothes her when she is stressed, but she also loves to jam out on her keyboard. Melody advises her friends to, “Belt it out and let it out”, and she's always willing to “pass the mic” at the clubhouse to be sure each of them have a chance to share their feelings and thoughts.

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Meet Mei!

Mei loves to dance! It's a great way to help lose her jitters out when she is nervous, and it makes her happy to twirl. Thoughtful and loving, Mei never leaves home without her Wishing Star wand – how else will her friends be able to make a wish to help their dreams come true?

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