A Little Spot® Mix & Match

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3 years and up
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Mix, match and create your very own Spot! This kids’ craft kit lets you help your child to learn social emotional skills in a fun way and is a companion to the A Little Spot® book series by Diane Alber. Diane’s books help young children visualize their emotions as Spots, making them easier to identify and manage.
The Mix & Match craft kit includes everything kids need to create their own Spots. Using the square felt board, they add a round spot and then choose from a variety of soft felt pre-cut shapes to add the eyes and other details. The four included emotion cards can be used as templates and feature some of Diane’s core emotion Spots. Or kids can mix and match to create a variety of different Spots to show exactly how they are feeling. Once a Spot has been created, name it and use the included easel to display it. The pieces can be used again and again, allowing kids to create new Spots every day! And for parents, the packaging includes a QR code that links to additional resources they can use to help their child navigate their emotions.
  • Create A Spot! Help kids learn about their emotions and express how they’re feeling with this creative kids’ craft kit
  • Emotion Cards: Featuring 8 core emotions from Diane Alber’s books, the double-sided cards can be used as templates for children to follow as they create their own Spot
  • More Emotions: As they learn about emotions, your child can create their own unique Spots by mixing and matching the 21 pre-cut felt shapes to help express how they feel
  • Show Your Emotion: The included easel sets up easily and is the perfect way to display the special Spot of emotion that’s been created for the day
  • Companion to A Little Spot Books: Diane Alber developed her Spot of Emotion books to help young children visualize their emotions as Spots, making them easier to identify and manage
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