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Product Name(s) The following Patents apply to this product.
Y10896 American Red Cross Ear Thermometer U.S. # 9,109,946
Y1157AZ1/ Y1157CA8/ Y1157TG1/ Y1157WM1/ Y1157WM2/ Y1157WMRW/ Y4933AZ/ Y4933B1/ Y4933B2/ Y6022CA1/ Y6693CA1/ Y11649CA1/ Y11650CA1/ Y11585CA1/Y6884A/Y6885A1 Take & Toss 10oz Spill-Proof Straw Cup CA 2470298
Y6721 / Y6722 Teethe-Around Trainer Cup Patent Pending
Y7866 First Dreams Bassinet Patent Pending
Y7860 First Fresh Foods Blender & Steamer US # 10,765,249