Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for purchasing a FLAIR highchair! Recently, the testing standards for highchairs changed, requiring us to reduce the adjustability of our chair. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Unlike Comotomo, the NURSH system has reusable silicone drop-in pouches. This revolutionary bottle design features a silicone pouch that collapses as your little one drinks, without allowing gas-inducing air back in. There are no complicated valves and vents. Also, unlike Comotomo, the only thing your milk comes in contact with is 100% silicone.

The safety standard for High Chairs (ASTM F404) requires that the warning statement must be placed in a location that is visible by the caregiver while placing the occupant into the high chair.

To collapse the legs, gently pull up from the center of each leg to release from locked position, and then fold them in toward the center of the tub. 

The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper is designed to be used with newborns and infants. We recommend that parents discontinue using the product with babies who are able to roll over or push themselves up on their forearms. 

The First Years breast pump is a single user product which cannot be autoclaved or sterilized without destroying the product.
Use by more than one person may present a health risk and will void the warranty.

While you can use other washable markers on Doodle Bear, we strongly recommend only using the Doodle Bear branded markers, as other markers may not wash off Doodle Bear.

To remove doodles, an adult should wash Doodle Bear® in a pillowcase and wash it in warm water cycle with like colors.  Do not pre-wash or bleach.  For best results, wash within 48 hours of doodling.  Repeat laundering may be required.  Tumble Dry.  Do not dry unless all marker stains are out.

Markers may stain clothing, wood, furniture, or walls.

You can download the app on either iOS or Android devices, by visiting the app store and searching for “Doodle Bear Studio” App.  Follow directions to download from there.

Yes.  Just follow the standard washing instructions to remove doodles.

Marker life will vary based on amount of use.  Keep caps on markers when not in use in order to prolong the life of the markers.

Yes.  A 6pc Doodle Bear marker set including 15 stencils is available and sold separately.

Only the Dance n Dazzle Spa playset requires batteries (and they’re included)!

Ritzy Rollerz toys are designed for children ages 4 years and older.