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We’re pleased to welcome you and your child into the award winning Lamaze® Infant Development System®! Designed to make it easy for you to select the toys that are both developmentally appropriate and fun for your child, the Lamaze Infant Development System will bring your child the highest quality infant play products that are truly best-in-class, which is why they have become so many parents’ “favorites.”

The Lamaze Infant Development System of age-graded phases is endorsed by and based on the Lamaze International philosophy of natural childbirth and healthy parenting, and designed in close conjunction with child development experts.

The Lamaze Infant Development System is organized into distinct phases because infants reach developmental milestones approximately every three months. However, all infants develop at their own unique pace.

The Lamaze Infant Development Phases are to be used as guides for purchasing, not to dictate how quickly a child should or should not be advancing physically and cognitively.

Birth - 3 Months

  • Turns head, lifts chin and by 3 months lifts head
  • Large motor movements of arms and legs
  • Stares at bright objects and follows them with eyes
  • Prefers to gaze at patterns rather than at plain surfaces
  • Turns head towards source of sound
  • Smiles at faces and at objects that resemble faces
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3 - 6 Months

  • Discovers feet and hands; fascinated by them
  • Grasps objects
  • Rolls on to their backs
  • Begins to sit with support
  • Vision fixates on small objects
  • Responds to high-pitched sounds and begins to make own babble sounds
  • Recognizes consistent caretakers
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6 - 9 Months

  • Rolls over back and front with ease
  • Sits unaided for brief periods of time
  • Recognizes familiar people and likes attention
  • Reaches for objects with both hands
  • Plays with sounds and responds to noises and to speech
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9 - 12 Months

  • Picks up objects with thumb and forefinger
  • May begin to creep, to crawl; tries to kneel and to stand
  • Seeks to understand cause of actions and consequences of such actions
  • Plays “peek-a-boo”; begins to understand object permanency (out of sight is not out of mind)
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