The First Years SenseAbles™ Teethe-Around® Sensory Trainer Cup, 7 oz – Blue

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The SenseAbles™ Teethe-Around® Trainer Cup is the spill-proof sensory sippy cup designed for teething! Teething, tasting, touching; there’s a brand new world for your baby to discover, but they need your help to guide them as they explore. The First Years SenseAbles line makes it easy by incorporating sense right into the design of our products. The Teeth-Around is a trainer cup that is specially made for a teething baby. The 100% silicone lid has different chew zones for baby to explore, each with a special texture that helps soothe sore gums. The four zones also help prepare your baby for the variety of tactile sensations they’ll experience from different foods. As they chew, babies are also helping to strengthen their jaws and tongue which helps with speech development. The lid is made with 100% food safe, chewable silicone and is dishwasher safe. It also includes a spout cover for extra protection from drips when it’s in the diaper bag.