The First Years Sit or Stand Potty & Urinal – 2-in-1 Potty Training System

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18 months and up
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Wondering how to teach your kid to go standing up? Let The First Years Sit or Stand Potty & Urinal come to the rescue! This 2-in-1 system teaches two ways to go with a specially designed pot that can be used as either a potty or as a urinal. In Stand Mode, the urinal pot clips easily over the edge of your toilet. There’s no messy adhesive to ruin your bathroom walls. It offers three different height options and easily adjusts to the height that works best. No more struggling with the too tall adult toilet or the too low toddler potty! There is even a target in the pot that helps boys practice their aim. In Sit Mode, the same pot fits right into the potty base for a more traditional potty. This non-skid base keeps the potty in place while your child is using it, and the built-in splash guard keeps successful attempts inside. In both Sit and Stand mode, the potty is easy to empty and clean. With the Sit or Stand Potty Training System, you can teach your little hero how to be a true Whizzz Kid!

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