The First Years SenseAbles™ Tasty Choices™ Plate

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12 months and up
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Introduce new foods to your baby's mealtimes with the Tasty Choices™ Plate. Featuring five colorful sections in different sizes, this toddler plate gives you a fun way to encourage your little one to experience new tastes. Babies learn through exploration, and a small portion of food in each section allows them to discover new foods in a creative way. Use one or two sections for a food they are familiar with and then use the other sections for something they haven't tried yet. The smaller quantity encourages testing out a new food and the variety gives them options. The separate sections are also perfect for picky eaters. No more worries (or mealtime meltdowns) about the carrots mixing in with the macaroni! Having an unfamiliar food or a food with different textures next to a food you know they already like can also encourage a picky eater to try the new offering. From baby purees to toddler snacks, each of the built-in bowls features deep sides, perfect for scooping with little fingers learning to self feed or a big kid's fork and spoon. For parents, the plate is microwave safe to help make meal prep easier and dishwasher safe so that cleaning up after a fun, but messy meal is simple. The Tasty Choices plate is part of The First Years SenseAbles™ line. Seeing, tasting, and touching; there’s a big world for your child to discover, but they need your help to guide them. The First Years SenseAbles line makes it easy by incorporating sensory learning right into the design of our products.

  • Tasty Choices: Encourage your little one to experience new foods using this tasting plate with 5 different colorful sections; each featuring deep sides that are easy to scoop from
  • Tasting Tips: Use one or two sections for a food your child already likes and the others for something new; smaller quantities encourage testing out new foods and the variety gives them options
  • Please Picky Eaters: Kids will appreciate the sections keeping the macaroni from mixing with their avocado and are also more likely to try a new taste or texture when it's next to something they already like
  • Quick Prep & Easy Clean: Plate is microwave safe making it easy to get food ready and dishwasher safe for simple cleanup
  • Parent Friendly Plate: Whether you feel like making the perfectly prepped plate to share on social or only have the time to toss together some quick options, this plate keeps kids interested in mealtime with a pleasing presentation every time
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