The First Years SenseAbles Groovy Divided Suction Plate

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Encourage independent feeding with The First Years SenseAbles™ Suction Plate. Seeing, tasting, and touching; there’s a big world for your child to discover, but they need your help to guide them as they explore. The First Years SenseAbles line makes it easy by incorporating sense right into the design of our products. This toddler plate features a wavy separator that is designed to help your child guide food onto forks and spoons as they learn to self-feed. It also has three suction cups that stick to a flat surface to help keep the plate steady for less mess. The wavy divider does double duty by keeping foods separate. A bonus for picky eaters! The plate is dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after a fun, but messy meal is easy.

  • Get the Scoop: SenseAbles products incorporate sense right into their design; this plate features a wavy wall that makes getting food onto spoons easier and encourages independent feeding
  • Stays in Place: Suction cups stick to a flat surface to help keep the plate in place while your child is eating
  • Great for Picky Eaters: Sectioned plate keeps foods separated and that keeps picky eaters happy
  • Dishwasher Safe Too! This toddler plate is easy to keep clean after messy meals
  • Made without BPA