The First Years Rain Shower Baby Spa with Soothing Spray Showerhead

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The First Years Rain Shower Baby Spa lets you turn bathtime into spa time! bathtime is a wonderful chance to bond with your baby. As it becomes part of your family’s routine, it can also be a soothing way to help your little one relax before sleeping. Designed to work with most infant and toddler bathtubs, the spa can be placed in a way that allows you to easily access it while bathing baby. The rotating shower arm allows you to direct the gentle spray around your baby tub, or you can use the handheld shower head for full custom control. This feature is great for infants who are still getting used to bathtime and allows you to slowly introduce them to the new sensations of water in their infant tub. There's also a soft massage brush built into the shower head for a calming scrub as you get your little one nice and clean. This baby-friendly spa experience keeps parents in mind too. The double-sided parent assist tray provides plenty of room for things you want to keep close by during bathtime, and the one-hand water control lets you easily turn the flow of water on and off as needed.

  • Baby Spa: Baby shower allows you to gently soothe baby as you turn bathtime into spa time
  • Soothing Shower: Use the rotating shower arm to aim the gentle spray or use the handheld shower head for custom control
  • Built In Brush: The soft massage brush that’s built into the shower head lets you give baby a calming scrub in their baby tub
  • Parent Friendly: Double-sided parent assist tray keeps baby shampoo, wash cloths, and other bathtime accessories within easy reach
  • Perfect Partner: The Baby Spa gives you extra options to help create a truly soothing experience – whether your little one is in a baby tub or sitting in the adult tub
  • Great for Baby Baths: The water reservoir holds enough water for plenty of soothing spray
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