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Summer Farm Toy Show: Recap

by Bill Walters

Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Greetings from Dyersville.

It was great to talk to some of you at the recent Summer Farm Toy show here in Dyersville. The weather was really nice and there were still farmers in the field.

Every year at the Summer Farm Toy Show we announce the “Farm Show” units for the year. This year was no different as we showed off the units for John Deere, Case IH and New Holland. Here’s a quick recap:
New Holland: This tractor has been out for a little while, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that we are doing a New Holland T9.600 SmartTrax with custom camo decoration. There are also randomly inserted chrome plated units as well.

Case IH: For Case IH we are celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Case by producing a 1/32nd Magnum tractor with special 175th Anniversary graphics and paint scheme along with a 1/64th Case IH combine on tracks. Both units have “copper” colored chase units. Both units are unique in that they do not have an actual model number on them. The model number has been replaced by the 175th Anniversary graphic. The combine also features a folding corn head and draper head.

John Deere: John Deere collectors are getting a 1/32nd 9370R 4WD tractor and a 1/64th 7310R tractor as their farm show units for 2017. The 9370R has dual wheels and will also have silver chrome chase units randomly inserted into the production run. Only 2,500 units will be produced. The 7310R will have rear duals and also include silver chrome chase units. Only 5,000 of these units will be produced.

If you’re a collector of John Deere Two Cylinder tractors, also be on the lookout for the John Deere “750” tractor we’re doing for the Two Cylinder Club. John Deere was going to introduce a model “750” tractor in 1958 to replace the “720”, but decided to renumber the entire tractor line to the “30” series. This tractor was introduced as the “730” instead of the “750”.

The other big news I need to let you know about is our new Ertl Collectors Club. When you have time please go to the Ertl website and check out our new Collectors Club. The Ertl Collectors Club is our way of keeping you updated on information about our latest models and special offerings on items with limited production and distribution. Our first offerings include the special Allis Chalmers tractors we’re producing for the Toy Farmer along with an IH 2+2 tractor for the National Farm Toy Museum. We are also offering a very nice acrylic display case that is not offered to other retailers. Keep checking for additional new offerings as we introduce new licenses and scales, including 1/50th construction models from several OEMs.

If any of you have grown up on a farm, you know there are always things that need maintenance. Our farm is no different. I don’t know why this downspout decided to come apart, but at least it is not at the highest point. I don’t like heights, but I think I can get this fixed. (See attached image) I’ll talk more about our barn in an upcoming blog. The corn crop is looking good and the recent hot weather is really making it grow. I hope your crops look good as well.

Until next time..