Toomies Jurassic World Stack & Pull Ankylosaurus

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12 months and up
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Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur?

Toomies brings that wonder to a new generation with the Jurassic World Stack & Pull Ankylosaurus! These dinosaur toys are ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. The colorful and strong Ankylosaurus features stacking armor – four different rings that only interlock if dropped over the top in the right order, perfect for promoting logic and problem-solving skills. Hitching a ride is baby dino, freshly hatched from his egg: shake him about and hear his cute growl! Pull mommy dino along to encourage crawling play or when your little one is on their feet they can take her for a walk. Look and listen as she does her wibbly-wobbly walk, wheels clicking and clacking as her rattle-bead filled tail goes swish-swashing from side to side. However you choose to play, Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!

  • Dinosaur Toy Fun: Colorful Stack & Pull Ankylosaurus is a pull-along toy that encourages developmental play
  • Shape Sorting Play: Stack the four textured rings in the right order and pop the baby dino at the top, ready to ride along – develops logic, problem solving and fine motor skills
  • Action & Reaction: Shake the Baby Ankylosaurus around in his shell and listen for cute growling sounds
  • Moving & Shaking: Mommy Ankylosaurus’ rattle tail swishes from side to side and her wheels wibble-wobble as you pull her along
  • Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: Easy-to-hold dinosaur toys are perfect for babies and toddlers 12m+
  • Imaginative Play: Create a Jurassic World full of exciting stories – No batteries required!
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