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Special Edition ERTL Farm Toys News

by Bill Walters

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Greetings from Dyersville!

It’s been a busy last 30 days as we’re now into September.  In my last blog I gave an update on my sweet corn.  Here is an image of some of the crop this year.  You can’t beat fresh sweet corn from the garden.

I also dug my potatoes up.  I always seem to stick some with my potato fork, but overall it was a good potato harvest.

I’m sure many of you heard, or had to deal with the devastation caused by the Derecho that went through Iowa, Illinois and other states.   We have relation that lives outside of Cedar Rapids and bore the brunt of the wind.  Thankfully their house wasn’t damaged significantly by the big branch.  Luckily I updated my chain saw not too long ago by adding a new chain and it really did a good job!  The entire neighborhood was working together to clean up all the trees and debris - Truly “Iowa Nice”!!

It’s also nice to celebrate significant birthdays and milestones.  We were able to celebrate my mom’s 95th Birthday in August, as well as the 100th anniversary of our barn.  If nothing else it was a good excuse for an ice cream machine and cake with close family.

Recently we did a small photoshoot at the farm, and I snapped this picture. That day I couldn’t resist sitting this Magnum on our neighbor’s old Cyclo planter that is currently sitting in our barn.

Enough about my life.  Let’s switch over and give you some info on some of our latest models.  In the last blog I introduced our new “puller” tractors for both Case IH and New Holland.   We’re also coming out with another model that’s called “Big ‘Ol Buck” (Stock # 47231)  Check with your local farm toy dealer for this unit.  It will not be available at John Deere dealerships.

Switching to pedal tractors, we’ve just started shipping a new Farmall 200 pedal tractor. (Stock # 44170)  In real tractors, the 200 replaced the Super C in 1955.  We’ve also started shipping our New Holland T8.435 “Genesis” pedal tractor. (Stock # 13954)  The “Genesis” name goes way back to when Ford New Holland introduced their “70” series tractors in 1993.  The largest tractor then, the 8970 had 210 PTO horsepower.  The T8.435 has 435 peak horsepower and 315 PTO horsepower.  It’s amazing how big tractors have gotten over the last 25-30 years.

We just received word that the National Farm Toy show is still going forward.  Check out the Toy Farmer flyer that was recently posted.  Our outlet store will be open, and we’ll have a display at the Toy Farmer show site.  We are currently doing some renovations in our main office so we won’t be setting up our showroom like we typically do for the show.   Watch my next blog for more information.

Enjoy the rest of your September. 

Until next time,