Multi-Check Safety System | TOMY

Multi-Check Safety System

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that children's products are safe. We take our product safety responsibilities very seriously, and the measure of our success is the trust parents are able to place in our products, knowing that we're taking the right steps to protect children.

To help make sure that the new products you buy are as safe as we can make them, we have established significant additional safeguards. Since July 2007, we have employed our Multi-Check Safety System to help assure you that our new products are safe.

The Multi-Check Safety System includes:

  • Increased scope and frequency of testing of both incoming materials and finished products, including testing of finished products from every production run

  • Tougher certification program for contract manufacturers and paint suppliers, including evidence that toy safety standards and quality control procedures are in place and operating effectively

  • Mandatory paint control procedures for contract manufacturers, including certified independent lab test results of every batch of wet paint before the paint is released for production

  • Increased random inspections and audits of both manufacturers and their suppliers, including semi-annual audits and quarterly random inspections for key suppliers

  • Zero tolerance for compromise on TOMY specifications reinforced by mandatory vendor compliance seminars and signed agreements

We know that every day we must earn the faith you and other parents place in us and in the quality and safety of our products. That's why we will continue to look for and explore new ways to further improve the safety of our products. Our commitment to you is to make our products as safe as we possibly can, and, if there are problems in the future, to notify you as quickly as we can. Many of us at TOMY are parents, so knowing that we're taking the right steps to protect children is very important to us personally as well as professionally.

The truest measure of our success is and always will be the trust parents place in our products. We are constantly working very hard to preserve and strengthen that trust. And, we hope that you and other parents recognize that our products have been subjected to intense internal scrutiny and testing and are safer for it.