Lamaze Lunch Bag Buddies™ – Toddler Developmental Playset

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12 months and up
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Lamaze Lunch Bag Buddies let you play with your food! Everything needed to pack a fun lunch is included. Toddlers will practice fine motor skills as they make their own sandwich with all the fixings. There’s bread, a slice of cheese, a tomato slice, lettuce, and a happy bag to put them all in. Each piece features interesting textures and surprise crinkles that encourage baby to touch, stimulating tactile senses. The apple juice box “opens” with a crackling sound or shake the grapes to see what fun noises they make. Best of all, there’s no fear of spills or crumbs with this toddler playset that promotes both classic put in and take out play patterns and imaginative play.
  • LUNCH BAG PLAYSET: Get ready for classic put in and take out play with this creative toddler playset
  • PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD: Set includes 2 slices of bread, cheese slice, tomato slice, lettuce, juice box, grapes and a happy lunch bag
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Helps baby use finger and hand muscles to support increasingly precise and coordinated movements
  • AUDITORY & TACTILE: Crinkling sounds and interesting textures to explore that engage baby’s attention and stimulate development and sensory processing
  • VISUAL: Bright colors and contrasting patterns engage and stimulate baby's attention and visual perception
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