Lamaze Grab Apple™

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An apple a day makes it fun to play! The Lamaze Grab Apple features interesting colors and textures for baby to explore. Bright colors and contrasting patterns provide your baby with visual stimulation while the easy-to-grip rings that make up the apple help encourage early grasping. The crinkly leaves make intriguing sounds that encourage gripping. Because babies explore using both their hands and mouths, the apple’s soft surfaces are designed to be great for chewing too.
  • Visual Stimulation: Bright colors and contrasting patterns engage and stimulate baby's attention and visual perception
  • Fine Motor: Easy-to-grip rings make up the body of the apple to help encourage early grasping
  • Encourage Exploration: Surprise crinkles and interesting textures for baby to explore
  • Auditory & Tactile: Rattling and crinkle sounds engage baby and encourage gripping and shaking
  • Chewable: Soft rings and interesting surfaces are great for exploration with both hands and mouth