FLO Water Deflector & Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser - blue

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GO WITH THE FLO. Slip FLO over your faucet to gently divert the flow of water. This creates a waterfall effect for drama-free rinsing. (Picture a quaint waterfall. Not Niagara Falls or anything like that.) Its soft, protective material guards against injury. And its bubble bath reservoir dispenses a sea of suds with the press of a button.

  • Water Effects: The FLO water deflector creates a gentle waterfall as water flows out of the faucet, great for rinsing
  • Water Projector: Deflector projects water away from the faucet during bath time
  • Soft Faucet Cover: Soft material helps protect against injury
  • Bubble Bath: FLO also works as a bubble bath dispenser
  • Fits Most Faucets: Designed to fit standard faucets: approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and with diverter at front