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Farm Shows, Farming & New Product FUN!

by Bill Walters

Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Greetings from wet Dyersville.
The last part of August into early September has been wet here in Dyersville. By now our grass is typically brown and we don’t have to mow our yard very often. This year we’ve had to mow just as often as in the spring. I guess we shouldn’t complain as parts of southern Iowa and other areas aren’t getting the rainfall they need. We tried to attend the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA this year, but got rained out on Tuesday afternoon. I’m glad we had a 4WD vehicle to get out of the hayfield parking lot.

I grabbed this ear of corn from the farm on August 15th. There could be some good crops this fall depending upon what mother nature does. You never get too excited until it’s harvested and in the bin. If you’ve lived on a farm you probably have an aerial view of your homestead. I was able to get a picture of our farm back in 1972. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this photo. You can clearly see the Case 310 dozer by the corn crib, and our Allis Chalmers tractor in front of it. I don’t remember all of these trees being in the yard. I guess that means I need to plant some new ones.

Before we get into new product I need to give you an update on the 1:16th Allis Chalmers 440 tractor that we’re producing for the Toy Farmer. If you get the Toy Farmer magazine you’re already aware that the approvals for this tractor were delayed. We now have approval for this unit. The new availability date is now early April 2019. Updated images are available on the “Ertl Collectors Club” website at

New product coming out in September include the 1:64th New Holland harvesting set including the CR9.90 combine, T9.645 4WD tractor with grain cart and our grain truck with pup trailer. Staying in the harvesting mindset, we also have a 1:64th Case IH harvesting set coming out which includes a 9250 Axial Flow combine with tracks on a semi tractor w/lowboy trailer. It also comes with a grain truck as well.

For green lovers you need to see the latest 1:16th Two Cylinder 4000 Low Profile tractor. These low profile tractors are pretty unique, with less than 50 real tractors every produced. We are also offering a 1:16th John Deere “GM” tractor with umbrella. This tractor celebrates the 75th anniversary of John Deere supporting the FFA. Both of these tractors are limited production runs.

We also have the modern 5125R tractor with a MX7 mower as a set in 1:16th scale. Check out stock # 45652 for this fun set.

Until next time, Happy Harvest!