Frequently Asked Questions

To remove the adhesive strip mounting bracket, use a flat object, such as a screwdriver or a butter knife (covered with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the wall surface), to pry up the corner of one adhesive strip. The remaining adhesive strips can then be released from the wall (with a bit of elbow grease!) After loosening the first strips, rotate the bracket to release the remaining strips. Any adhesive remaining on the wall can be easily pulled off.

Replacement adhesive strips can be purchased from our online store.

It is very important that you place the bracket onto the wall in its proper position only once. After it is placed on the wall, do not try to remove and reposition it as this will prevent the adhesive strips from adhering to the wall. 
To attach the bracket to the bathtub/shower wall, select an area where strips are touching the least amount of grout. It is important to maintain a wall surface temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit from the time you first place the bracket onto the wall and throughout the entire 24 hour period before attaching the base. If you are mounting the bracket on an exterior wall during cold weather, it may be necessary to increase the room temperature during this time. 
When placing the bracket onto the cleaned wall surface, use your thumb to press firmly over each of the adhesive strips. Rub while pressing to remove any air bubbles between the adhesive strips and wall surface. If adhesive strips cross grout lines, be sure to firmly press adhesive into recessed areas. 

FLO is designed to fit a "standard" faucet. Standard faucets come with and without a shower diverter knob on the top. FLO will fit both versions. FLO may fit other non-standard faucets that are a similar size and shape.

To install FLO, squeeze the front top and bottom sections together and fit over faucet. Make sure that front of faucet extends over inside flap.

We recommend filling the reservoir at the beginning of each bath time with just enough liquid for one bath.

The reservoir is not meant to store bubble bath between baths.

The FLAIR highchair is designed to be used to a maximum age of 4 years or up to 50 pounds, whichever comes first.

The FLAIR highchair has been tested according to the standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

The model and manufacture date are printed on the label attached to the underside of the highchair base. You will need to gently tip your highchair over to locate this label. Please be sure to include the correct model and manufacture date when completing your product registration.

The FLAIR highchair includes a 5-point harness and a crotch post. The harness is fully adjustable with two shoulder strap positions. The crotch post should NEVER be removed from the highchair.

Very easy! The foam seat pad and harness can both be removed for cleaning. The seat pad can be cleaned with household disinfectants, but it should not be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine. The FLAIR highchair comes with two tray liners that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The casters are made from urethane, a soft rubber-like material which allows FLAIR to glide smoothly across floors. The casters can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

No, the seat does not recline.

Yes, the tray of the highchair is adjustable with two positions.