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ERTL Farm Toy Updates & More of the ERTL Team to Meet!


Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Greetings from Dyersville!

We’re rounding off the month of March and the snow is finally melted here in Northeast Iowa.  Now I get to see all of the gravel that’s been pushed onto the lawn from our lane.  I guess I need to get out there and fix that!!   

I’ve also had my eye on a new 16 gauge finish nailer for some additional projects I’m working on.  My kids gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and I’ve been waiting for the model I wanted to finally come back into stock.  A few weeks ago I was finally able to find it.  I guess I don’t have any excuses now.

Before we get into new product, we’re continuing our series of introducing you to members of our team here in Dyersville that make all of this happen.  This time we’re highlighting two of our sales people, Tammy Then and Alexia Harder.  Their jobs include primarily working with the ag dealerships including John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, etc.  They talk and email dealers daily.  

Here are their stories:

Hello everyone.  I’m Tammy Then, Sr. OEM Sales and Marketing Manager.  I work with our major OEM’s and their stores, and have been with ERTL/TOMY International for 28 years.

I was born in Alexandria, Virginia and eventually my parents relocated back to my mom’s hometown of Dyersville when I was a toddler.  Like many of you that attend the National Farm Toy show, I too, walked the halls of Beckman, only with books.

After high school, I attended Kirkwood Community College in their Vet Assistant program.  Shortly after graduation, I went to work for small animal vet in Dubuque, Iowa.

I started working for The ERTL Company in the early 90’s and eventually landed an Ag Marketing secretary position.  In the late 90’s the OEM’s agreed to a dedicated sales staff to call on their dealers—and the rest is history.

Unlike Pat and Bill, I didn’t grow up on a farm and all my “farm” knowledge comes from working with them.  Imagine a three hour car ride to Racine Wisconsin being quizzed by Bill the entire way up and back on the model numbers of tractors we passed.  There was a lot of them!  

This past year, I got my chance to drive a tractor…. Don’t ask me if it was turbo charged or intercooled… I have no idea. At least I was able to work the clutch and it didn’t stall.

My husband and I have been married for almost 31 years. We have a daughter that is a freshman at Beckman, a son who lives nearby, and a very special forever-five-year old watching over us from Heaven.


When I’m not thinking about tractors, I like to hike, fish, and just be outdoors.   I am also a huge Pioneer Woman fan and love to cook.

If you’ve been to the Farm Toy Shows in Dyersville, you’ve probably seen me in the showroom.  I’m usually the one that can only answer a few questions and then need to get Pat and Bill involved.

If someone would have told me 30 years ago that I would read farm toy blogs, magazines, and social media posts I would have said they were crazy!  Life does have a way of changing courses, and I’m so glad it did.   I’ve had the chance to visit amazing places and meet the most interesting people. 

Thank you—for collecting ERTL Toys!

God bless,


(p.s. There have been many Tammy’s in the US office, but I’m the original)

Hey Everyone,

My name is Alexia Harder, I am one of the OEM Sales Representative of the agriculture products. I work alongside Tammy Then with John Deere, Case, New Holland, and AGCO. I contact dealers about current programs, promotions, new items, and creative marketing tools. I also am in contact with the main representatives for the OEM’s by communicating through meetings, item submitting and canceling, pricing new and current items, flyer and programs for wording and the flow of wording.

In the summer of 2019 I graduated from Kirkwood Community College with an Applied Science Associates Degree in Agricultural Business. Right after graduation I started my sales career in animal science sales; after 8 months of working there I decided I wanted to travel more than what I was offered. Before Covid-19 became serious I applied for a new job and I was offered the OEM Sales Representative position at TOMY in Dyersville! I have been at TOMY for a year and I can honestly say that the time has flown by!

I grew up on a small hobby farm where my brothers and I were able to show beef cattle at national level shows through county fair level as well as showing swine at our county fair. I became very passionate about the beef cattle industry and I started coaching younger showmen for the ring setting and teaching kids how to fit and clip cattle. Along with the farm, my brothers and I grew up around our local fire department due to our father being a firefighter and EMS assistant chief. My family has been part of our small community through baseball, clubs and sports. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many new and different people that have taught me many valuable lessons.


I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms and teaching me so much about a different aspect of the agriculture industry that I didn’t grow up in, the farm toy industry. I am hoping we will be able to travel soon to meet customers and dealers.

Thank you and stay safe all,

Alexia Harder

And now, back to farm toys!

We have some exciting new offerings to discuss.  First are the new tractors for the Toy Farmer and their 44th annual National Farm Toy Show.   First up is our 1:16th scale John Deere 3010 diesel tractor with wide front axle. (Stock # 45811OTP)  There will be random silver chrome chase units included in the production run.  For 1:64th scale we are producing a John Deere 8960 4WD tractor with duals.  (Stock # 45812OTP)  It will also include silver chrome chase units randomly inserted into the production run.  Both of these tractors will be available in November 2021.  Check with the Toy Farmer or your local John Deere dealer for more information.


I also wanted to briefly mention our second Prestige Select #2 item, the John Deere WA-17 and WA-14 tractors (Stock # 45999OTP). You can view the flyer for these tractors here:

John Deere dealers can order these tractors starting at the end of March through the end of May 2021.  This is a one-time production run, and we will destroy the tooling afterwards, just like we did with the previous combine.  Check with your local John Deere dealership for pricing.  Keep watching my blog for additional exciting news about this item.

We are also coming out with a 1:16th scale IH 786 tractor.  (Stock # 44220)  Check out my unboxing video where I talk not only about the tractor, but I also give you some background on the parts and tooling for this specific unit.  This tractor will be available in May at your local Case IH dealer.

You can find other unboxing videos on our website.  Go to and click on the “Videos and Blog” menu. 

Until next time,