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Brand New Puller Tractors, ERTL 75th Anniversary Sets and more!

by Bill Walters

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Greetings from Dyersville!

Here we are in August and the summer is flying by. The corn looks good around Dyersville as we’ve gotten some much-needed rain in early July.  One of the storms had some wind that did a number on my sweet corn.

Mother nature has a way of fixing its problems, and it sure did a good job getting my sweet corn to bounce back. You can see the damage and current condition in the images above. This was my second attempt this year as I planted my first crop too early and a late frost killed it. I re-planted on May 28th and hope to be eating some corn later this month, as long as the racoon stay awayJ.  My wife says this is a lot of work for something you can buy in the grocery store.  She’s probably right, but there’s no adventure in going to the grocery store.

I guess we should talk a little about the new products we have coming out.  When I was a young boy I was given an Allis Chalmers “Puller Tractor” toy.  Those rims and stacks were super cool to me. I found this catalog page showing off three 1:16th scale puller tractors we did many moons ago. 

Now I am happy to announce that we’re coming out with newly tooled 1:64th scale puller tractors later this year. These tractors are designed as toys and not for the hard-core collector. They are made from a combination of both plastic and die cast parts.  We will have several different models coming out including licensed models for Case IH and New Holland. For Case IH (Stock # 37917A) we have two different designs called “Freedom to Farm” and “Magnumator MMXX”. 

For New Holland (Stock # 37924A) we have “The Blue Streak” and “Blue Lightning”.  All of these units will be shipping in October 2020.

Keeping with 1:64th scale, we are now shipping our 75th anniversary sets that we’ve produced for both John Deere and Case IH.  The John Deere set (Stock # 45729OTP) includes a tractor from each decade that Ertl has been producing farm toys. It features the following tractors:  An “A” with Farmer, 430, 4010, 4430, 4450, 4960, 8530, 8370R and 7250R.  We also included 750 silver painted chase units into the production run.

The Case IH set (Stock # 44226OTP) also includes nine tractors.  Tractors include the Farmall “H” with Farmer, Farmall 350, Farmall 1206, IH 1066, IH 5488, Case IH 7250, Case IH MX270, Case IH Maxxum 135 and Case IH AFS Connect 400 Magnum. There are also 750 randomly inserted sets of silver painted tractors.

Another new item is our 1:16th IH 1566 Prestige tractor featuring front wheel assist (Stock # 44218).

The 1566 was the biggest “66” series row crop tractor featuring the famous DT436 turbocharged engine that delivered 160 PTO horsepower. The 1566 was produced from 1974 to 1976 with 7,417 units being produced. The early “66” series tractors had the normal white side panels but in the middle of 1975 IH refreshed the paint scheme on all the models to what we now call the “Black Stripe” look. These were introduced at the 1975 Farm Progress Show. Our model also features a Coleman front wheel assist, IH cab and dual rear wheels. 

Lastly, we’re doing a promotion on our Ertl Collectors Club website for the month of August. You can get our 1:50th International HX520 with Caterpillar 320DL Excavator and trailer item for $75.00 as we celebrate Ertl’s 75th Anniv. this year.  This special price is over 50% off the normal retail price.  Grab one quick before they’re gone. We only produced 2,500 units of this model.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. 

Until next time,